Surya – Sun


    The Sun.

    ▵ Without the sun, there is no prana
    The sun is constantly making connection with you. This whole solar system is powered by the sun. Only because of that, life is possible on the planet. Our very body structure is based on this. Hatha Yoga is about sun and moon, which are important factors. It is a combination of these two impacts upon the planet that has produced the human body.

    The sun is the source of life energy. The prana aspect of you is a physical form of energy. In the process of creation, the first physical form of energy that manifests in the human system is referred to as prana. There is another dimension to the human system which is non-physical in nature and non-pranic. Prana is still physical. All the pranic energy in this solar system is essentially generated by the sun. Without the sun, there is no prana. Without the sun, there is no warmth. Without warmth, there is no life. The very way we check whether you are alive or dead is by seeing whether you are warm or cold.

    ▵ Hatha Yoga – Connecting to the Sun (Isha)

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