Chamundi Hills

    [Chamundi Hills]

    A hillock in Mysore, where Sadhguru had a deep spiritual experience.

    ▵ Chamundi Hill
    This 23rd September 2015 is that fateful day that I went up the graceful Chamundi Hill and never came down. That strapping young man who believed nothing but his own sense and thought himself to be smart enough to conquer the world if need be, when asked by someone what can you do, had the gall to say, ‘Give me enough time and money, I will build a ladder to the moon’. That young man was so dumbstruck on that afternoon which came like any other but never left. That dimension or the keys to that possibility that is neither light nor darkness, Divine nor Devil, Hell nor Heaven, an ecstasy that is nameless and all inclusive, that which is beyond all that one could think as beyond has kept me intoxicated and purposeful.

    Many have walked along with me in this journey to share that which has no substance. Too much loving and too much sharing that is more than a life. On this day, to be involved in consecrating Adi Yogi at iii, USA, is too much grace. Fourteen hundred of you were there physically. I wish every one of you – just everyone was there.

    I have always lived like it is my last breath. Holding on to my breath only to bring the Grace, knowledge, energy and Enlightenment of Adi Yogi to all.

    You should definitely know this before you breathe your last. But if you shall strive to know before I breathe my last – that would be pleasure beyond words.

    ▵ Chamundi Hill
    Sadhguru wrote: Chamundi Hill was not a hill for us; it was not a mound of earth for us. From the age of six or seven, I have been trekking and camping there. I have spent many nights and days on this hill. These trips to Chamundi Hill made me very familiar and the place became very dear to me.

    On the 23rd of September, 1982, a successful business man was sitting with his eyes wide open on a particular rock – his favourite spot – on Chamundi Hill, near Mysore. Suddenly, he slipped into a state where he could not differentiate between himself and his surroundings. He came out of this state after what seemed only a few minutes, but in reality, was nearly four hours. Tears of bliss were overflowing from his eyes. Sadhguru would later remark about the aftermath of this experience, “Something was happening within me. I did not know what it was. All I knew was – I’ve hit a goldmine and I didn’t want to lose it.”

    Chamundi Sacred Walks is a unique opportunity to visit and experience the places that played a significant part in Sadhguru’s life. Combining treks to hills, forests and waterfalls with visits to temples and palaces, the journey is as diverse and multifaceted as Sadhguru’s journey through life. And of course, when following in Sadhguru’s footsteps, adventure and profundity go hand-in-hand.

    Chamundi Sacred Walks is a possibility to know the man behind the being, and to imbibe the being behind the man.

    Guided and enveloped by intense meditation processes, sathsangs and chants, Sacred Walks is not just a journey; it is an intense expression of man’s search for ultimate freedom. Sacred Walks is an opportunity to follow the events and experiences of an extraordinary life, and get a glimpse of the being whom we know as Sadhguru.

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