Program / Event Volunteering

[proh-gram, -gruhm ih-vent vol-uhn-teer]

Isha Yoga Center is a powerful and dynamic space that constantly pushes us forward, beyond the boundaries we have set for ourselves.


Isha’s volunteers are its bedrock, and they are instrumental to the success of each and every one of its events. Program and event volunteers are offered the first-hand experience of creating events such as business leadership programs, events being conducted by Sadhguru personally, social initiatives (like the Rally for Rivers), and Isha Yoga programs.

These events happen at Isha Yoga Center, in various cities across India, and even across the world. You can contribute to an event near you or at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, depending on the event and your convenience.


What are the facilities for stay at the IYC?
In case you wish to visit the Yoga center and spend time there, cottages are available. One may book a room in advance and stay at reasonable cost
If one intends to volunteer, then dormitory accommodation is available free of cost.

Is it possible to provide individual accommodation?
Individual accommodation can be provided based on availability, for a nominal rent.


What kind of food is served in IYC for volunteers?
A vegetarian meal made from natural / organic resources is served twice a day for all inmates including volunteers and program participants.

Life at Isha

“The organization, it’s activity, ashram all are too phenomenal. It has transformed my life in major way. It’s a bliss to be at ashram.”– Soumallya Paul

“The last few days of volunteering have been immensely powerful and liberating. Part of its power for me, was working through some really painful emotion and physical blocks. Yet, all of this was done silently and I feel much more free and lighter.”– Jennifer Grant

“Sitting there for 15-20 minutes put me on a wonderful and beautiful mystical spiritual path to the ultimate. This a very very special place.”– Andy M

“Linga Bhairavi is the feminine form of divinity. Very powerful consecrated space. One can feel the grace of the divine mother.” – Rakesh Chilshetty

I have been a volunteer with Isha offering my web development services, and I find the experience to be fulfilling and gratifying.– Kathirvel

Program/Event Volunteering registration

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  1. Namaskaram,
    I live in the UK. How do I register to become an event/program volunteer? I would like to stay at ISHA for up to 5 months if possible? I am available between November 2022 and March 2023.

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