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    Shoonya means “emptiness,” or, more precisely, “nothingness.” An even more appropriate way of putting it is with a hyphen between “no” and “thing.” It is “no-thingness.” That means it is a dimension beyond physical nature.

    Shoonya as a word could be translated as “emptiness,” though the English word “emptiness” does not do justice to Shoonya. Emptiness is a sort of negative word – it suggests an absence of something that was supposed to be there. Shoonya is not an absence – it is a limitless presence. The zero was invented in India. When we invented the zero, we did not see it as an absence but as the ultimate number. Zero means nothing, but it can add value to any other number. Shoonya is like that. To put it into a certain perspective – modern cosmologists say that over ninety-nine percent of the cosmos is empty. Over ninety-nine percent of an atom is empty. Ninety-nine percent of existence is empty. This is what we refer to as Shoonya. As the life that you are, you have a choice: Either you can be a small creature in this vast emptiness, or you can be that emptiness which is the source of all creation. That is what we are approaching with Shoonya meditation.

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