Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya | 1 Hour Chant | Adiyogi Shiva Chant (Sounds of Isha)


    The Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya chant by #Sadhguru, an acknowledgement of the unparalleled contribution of Shiva — the first yogi — to humanity. Shiva has numerous forms that encompass every possible quality that the human mind can perceive and beyond. Among all these, there are five forms that are considered fundamental – Yogeshwara, Bhuteshwara, Kaleshwara, Sarveshwara and Shambho.

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    The practice of this chant generates ushna or heat in the system and can be beneficial to boost one’s immune system. #GuruPurnima.

    Lyrics and Meaning:

    Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya
    योग योग योगेश्वराय
    Salutations to the One
    The Yogeshwara,
    who has transcended the physical

    Bhuta Bhuta Bhuteshwaraya
    भूत भूत भूतेश्वराय
    one who has mastered the five elements

    Kala Kala Kaleshwaraya
    काल काल कालेश्वराय
    one who has mastered time and is beyond its cycles

    Shiva Shiva Sarveshwaraya
    शिव शिव सर्वेश्वराय
    one who is everywhere and is the basis of everything,

    Shambho Shambho Mahadevaya
    शम्भो शम्भो महादेवाय
    Salutations to Shambho,
    the greatest of all, the Mahadeva.

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