Sacrifice, one of the main pillars of the Vedic ritual system.

    ▵ Sadhguru on Yagnas
    These yagnas and poojas, there is some scientific basis to it. These rituals had some basis as a way of creating a conducive atmosphere for people. When people did not have their own ways to create an inner situation, others who knew how to create a conducive atmosphere made certain yagnas during the Vedic times.

    Performing poojas still has not helped our country to be free from major problems like population and poverty. It is time we take our lives and our situations into our hands instead of always calling upon Gods to do this. Unless you become sensible, no holy men, no Gods, or enlightened beings are going to do anything for you. You may adore them, worship them or sing praises of them but you will continue to exist in the same misery. There will be no release.Unless you become sensible, no holy men, no Gods, or enlightened beings are going to do anything for you.

    Many years ago, I happened to go to Rishikesh. In those days, I used to wander in the Himalayas for at least for a month or two in a year. So I went to Rishikesh, and I stayed in an ashram because I wanted to conserve my money and stretch my tour and trekking. So I went to an ashram and lots of people were sleeping in one big hall. I sleep very little, so I sat there meditating. One man was arranging his bed and all the other support that he needed for sleeping.

    Unfortunately his bedding was next to mine and this man had over 30 pictures of many Gods and saints and sages. Before he goes to bed he is positioning all of them around his bed. All the Gods that you know, the whole zoo full of them. He was just setting up his whole atmosphere to sleep so that all these demons and others don’t come and disturb his sleep. Sleep is a great yagna, you cannot live without it. I don’t know whether you learned all those yagnas where they burn this and that but you better learn simple yagnas like eating and sleeping. These are the basic yagnas in your body, in your life that you must do properly and with great reverence.

    ▵ Sadhguru on Yagnas (Isha)

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