Tendencies or desire; subliminal trait left behind in the mind by action and desire.

    ▵ From Karma to Moksha
    The human system is a phenomenal machine. It does not miss anything. Whether you are conscious of it or not, it grasps and records everything, all the time. Based on this memory, you develop certain tendencies. The traditional word for these tendencies is vasana.

    Depending upon the type of vasana you have, you tend to move towards certain kinds of life situations. We say “It’s your karma” – that means “It’s your doing.” Unfortunately, karma is being projected as punishment or reward for something. Karma is neither punishment nor reward. It means you are building up memory; you are unconsciously writing a “software”, every moment of your life. Whatever your software turns out to be, accordingly you behave, function and experience your life.

    From Karma to Moksha (Isha)

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