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    [nach-er-uhl fahy-ber]

    Natural fibers are produced naturally by plants, animals, and geological processes. Cotton is the most widely used natural fibre and entire civilizations have clothed themselves in cotton for millennia. Silk and wool were also common with the latter being widely used in colder climates.

    The industrial era ushered in an age of synthetic fibres which were manufactured using chemical processes. Produced in the 1930s, Nylon was the first synthetic fibre to become widespread.

    The advent of synthetic fibres started a textile revolution because they were cheaper, stronger, more durable and easier to mass produce. However, these fibres pose a serious hazard to the health of human beings and to the environment. They are toxic to the skin, non-biodegradable and disintegrate into microfibers that do not decompose and poison the ecosystem.

    Natural fibres such as organic cotton, banana, coconut, bamboo, linen, hemp, and a wide variety of silks made from different kinds of silkworms have captured the imagination of a new breed of designers, manufacturers and consumers. The future is here. The future is natural fibre.

    Banana Fibre
    These fabrics are soft, supple, breathable and absorbent. They have a natural shine and are often compared to silk.

    Mulberry Silk
    India produces around 23,000 metric tons of silk annually, out of which 81% is mulberry silk.

    Natural Dyed Denim
    Woven on hand-operated looms, natural dyed denim eliminates the high energy and water needs of conventional denim.

    Made from the fibers of the flax plant, Linen is very strong, absorbent, and comfortable to wear in hot weather.

    Natural Dyed Hemp
    Hypo-allergenic, absorbent and fire retardant, hemp is one of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibers.

    Dupion Silk
    Famous by the names of Douppioni or Dupioni, it is also commonly known as raw silk.

    Eri Silk
    This beautiful silk is very strong, combining the excellence of silk with the comfort of cotton and warmth of wool.

    Organic Cotton
    Grown from untreated cotton seeds, organic cotton is the first step in creating an eco-friendly cycle of garment production.

    Muga Silk
    Muga silk is procured from a species of silkworms whose cocoons are known for producing gleaming, golden fibres.

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