Be an Earth Buddy!

[bee an urth buhd-ee]

As an Earth Buddy you spend 10 mins/day in thought, feeling & action about soil for 100 days of the journey.

When you sign up as an Earth Buddy we will share with you the resources and updates you will need.

▵ Be an Earth Buddy!
Have 10 minutes a day? Sign up to stay connected with us to spread the word and join conversations with millions of people like you who are dedicated to Save Soil.

“Creating a Conscious Planet is possible only by raising human consciousness. It is important for all – particularly leaders whose decisions affect millions of lives – to be conscious and inclusive.”

– Sadhguru

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11 thoughts on “Be an Earth Buddy!”

  1. From small I learn save trees,save water,after seeing this that I learn we should also save soil.
    In our grandmothers days they was healthy but now we are not healthy
    For our we should also save soil.
    Thank you ☺️

  2. Vishwanath Hiremath

    Healthy soil is directly proportional to healthy body and mind.
    It’s everyone’s responsibility to maintain the best health of soil.
    The combination of soul and soil is what makes us human beings.

  3. Humus loaded soil gives us food as well as retains rain water and thereby gives both food and water .
    Most importantly organically rich soil is a complete ecosystem with all biotic and abiotic components.
    Soil is the very source of our existence.

  4. Shravani Motamarri

    Every person who consumes food that come from the soil should be an earth buddy. It’s each and every individuals responsibility to understand and talk about the issue, and support the movement.

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