Himalaya (Poem)

    Even the rocks reach out to the heavens. No wonder beings seeking divine made you their abode

    You, of gushing waters and rushing airs towering presence of unsurpassable grace

    The brave hands that crafted these paths into your ceaseless folds: a mighty effort, but miniscule

    Many have traveled this labyrinth that seemingly leads to your very womb

    The womb that the courageous ones sought to die and be born once again

    These Dwijas – the twice born of immeasurable wisdom Left imprints that even the final deluge can erase not

    O deathless ones, your energies and wisdom here lives through me I have the keys to your grace and boundlessness.

    Every beating heart claims to seek As I peel to reveal The weak-hearted ones run to save their frailties But a few lusty ones remain

    Lust – lust for life – deeper life is the only way to unravel the bounty of nothingness that is me and you.

    – Sadhguru

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