Vishwa Rupa Darshana

    [Vishwa Rupa Darshana]

    An experience of the vastness of the existence. Also, a rare Cosmic Vision of the Master granted by the master to the deserving disciple.

    Arjuna’s Attempt to Bail Out
    Just before the war, Arjuna suddenly has an urge for peace. Standing between the two armies, he says, “I don’t want this. I cannot kill my grandfather, my Guru, my brothers, and my friends, just to have a kingdom. I will go back to the forest.” That is when the eighteen chapters of the Gita are rendered, and Krishna gives the Vishwarupa Darshana. So Krishna is saying, “If you wanted to become a hermit, you should have become one before. Why did you get all these people to the battlefield? They came to fight for you. And now you want to go to the forest, while they will all die in the battle? You entered the battle. You cannot become a hermit now. Go! Either you kill or you die – you have to do one of these things.” Krishna goes to the extent of saying, “This is my will; you have to do it.”

    Mahabharat Episode 43: The Worst Crime (Isha)

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