Alaap – Enneramum Undhan | Gopalakrishna Bharati – Songs from Darshan Vol 2 (Sounds of Isha)

    “I always long to remain in your presence, oh lord”, yearns Gopalakrishna Bharati, the 18th century Carnatic composer, in this ode to #Shiva. Enjoy this rendition by #SoundsofIsha played during one of the darshans with Sadhguru.

    Lyrics and Meaning:

    Enneramum undan sannidhiyile naan
    irukka venum ayya, Ponnayya

    Let me, at all times, remain in your presence, oh divine being…

    Thennam sholai thazhaikkum
    thenpuliyur Ponnambalattarase en arase naan

    In these flourishing groves of your holy abode!

    Panchakshara padiyum kodikambamum
    koyilazhagum aridhaana rahasiyamum

    The 5 sacred stairs, the temple flag-staff
    The beauty, the invaluable secrets of your abode…

    Anjal koorum dheerga manigal osaiyum
    andhakarana mayakkam theerndhu paadikkondu

    And the inviting sound of the temple bells
    Had kept me enchanted..

    Dispelled of this enchantment, I continue singing in your praise!

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    Alaap – Songs from Darshan Vol 2 (Isha LIFE)

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