Sadhanapada at the Isha Yoga Center, India, is a 7-month residential program for inner transformation for those looking to establish balance and clarity, emotional stability, seeking spiritual growth, or to live an intense and energetic life.

    Program Highlights

    Live with Balance, Clarity and Intensity. Learn to live joyfully no matter what life throws at you.

    Experience Life in an Ashram. A space built for precisely this- inner growth. Enrich your life in a vibrant and exuberant space.

    Volunteer – Give Back and ContributeLive a life of fulfillment through Seva (Volunteering) by being part of a vision beyond oneself.

    Why Take a Break?

    ▵ I’m Working
    If your work has become synonymous with burnout, stress and a constant sense of unfulfillment, take time off to untangle so you never get tangled again.

    ▵ I’m a Student
    Invest time now to empower yourself and learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions.

    ▵ I’m a Seeker
    Spend time in a powerful space to deepen your Sadhana.

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    Non-denominational Spiritual Process
    A global program, open to seekers from all backgrounds and walks of life, focused on one’s ultimate wellbeing.

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    Powerful Kriyas and Hatha Yoga
    Take part in the advanced Isha programs and enhance your practices to a new level of intensity.

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    ▵ Receive Guided Support
    A team of Brahmacharis, Yoga instructors and volunteers devoted to helping you establish consistency and deepen your Sadhana.


    From Guru Purnima (July) to Mahashivratri (March), usually around 7 months.

    Why this Time & Length?
    ▵ Nature’s Support:
    In the Yogic culture, the time between the summer solstice and the winter solstice is referred to as Sadhanapada. That is when the natural forces of the planet are supportive for one’s growth and for Sadhana to yield maximum results.

    Long-Lasting Benefits:
    A focused, dedicated, and consistent effort is needed to transform one’s life. The impact of these 7 months stays with you as an insurance for Life, building a strong foundation for you to remain unwavering on the path of growth.

    Sadhanapada (Isha)


    ▵ In the powerfully consecrated and energized space of the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, India.

    ▵ Why spend time in an ashram?
    Consecrated Spaces:
    An ashram is a space where everyone is focused in one direction — to explore life’s deepest questions and possibilities. To be in the ashram is to be in a cocoon of energy with a group of committed seekers.

    Reconnect with Nature:
    Live at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains, amidst natural surroundings, and reconnect with the elements of nature.

    ▵ No Fee
    There are no fees and the program includes basic accommodation and a healthy, nutritious diet.

    Sadhanapada (Isha)

    Participant's Stories, Path to Sadhanapada, and Apply Now

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