Shoonya Meditation

    [ Shoonya Meditation ]

    Shoonya Meditation is an effortless process of conscious non-doing. 

    Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations.

    – Sadhguru


    ▵ Shoonya Meditation is an effortless process of conscious non-doing. 

    Spiritual Significance

    What is the significance of Shoonya? Shoonya as a word could be translated as “emptiness,” though the English word “emptiness” does not do justice to Shoonya. Emptiness is a sort of negative word – it suggests an absence of something that was supposed to be there. Shoonya is not an absence – it is a limitless presence. The zero was invented in India. When we invented the zero, we did not see it as an absence but as the ultimate number. Zero means nothing, but it can add value to any other number. Shoonya is like that. To put it into a certain perspective – modern cosmologists say that over ninety-nine percent of the cosmos is empty. Over ninety-nine percent of an atom is empty. Ninety-nine percent of existence is empty. This is what we refer to as Shoonya. As the life that you are, you have a choice: Either you can be a small creature in this vast emptiness, or you can be that emptiness which is the source of all creation. That is what we are approaching with Shoonya meditation.

    Shoonya means “emptiness,” or, more precisely, “nothingness.” An even more appropriate way of putting it is with a hyphen between “no” and “thing.” It is “no-thingness.” That means it is a dimension beyond physical nature. Shoonya means doing nothing
    Excerpt – Shoonya – The Significance of Doing No-Thing (Isha)


    ▵ Completion of the Inner Engineering Program (including the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya) is a prerequisite for attending this program.


    ▵ I am a Roman Catholic and very religious. Just two days before the program, my husband told me, “Metilda, I have a very special gift for this years’ wedding anniversary.” He told me about the program, but I did not want to come because my children are quite young and I did not want to leave them alone. But then I did not want to be away from my husband on our anniversary, so I left the children with my mother and came anyway. Now, after this program, I feel Victor has given me so many wedding gifts over the years, but this is one of the best!– Metilda Victor

    I must say it’s been the most exhilarating experience. I look back over the years at the life I have lived, and I realize that I have been so blind, so unaware. Life was nothing, life was a shoonya (emptiness) – and now Shoonya for me, will be life– Chetan Sharma

    In the Shoonya meditation, you just go so deep within yourself – you would never realize this could happen to you. You are silent, doing absolutely nothing, yet when you come out you feel so in charge of yourself. It is an unimaginable energy. I have been an asthma patient all my life. But the kriyas are just amazing with my regular colds, coughs and sinusitis– Ashmita Daswani

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    Shoonya – The Significance of Doing No-Thing (Isha)

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