An important festival held on the day of pushya nakshatra of the Tamil month of Thai (near the full moon day of January- February). Celebrated with great intensity and fervour, it is a day on which many South Indian sages have chosen to leave their body.

    Thaipusam, which takes place on the first full moon after the winter solstice, is traditionally seen as a day of auspiciousness and grace, which a person can make use of for their wellbeing. In the spiritual culture, it is a day when many siddhas, seers and Yogis chose to leave their body and attain to their ultimate nature. It was on this day, 23 years ago, that Vijji Maa attained Mahasamadhi. Generally, it is known as “Dhanya Pournami”, which means a full moon of fulfillment.


    ▵ Thaipusam: Unleashing a Flood of Devotion (Isha)

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