Bhuta Siddhi

    [Bhuta Siddhi]

    A state where one has gained mastery over the five elements within the human system; a level of expertise that promotes well-being and the ability to access dimensions beyond the physical.

    The human body, as well as the entire cosmos, is essentially made of just five elements, says Sadhguru. He explains that every yogic practice finds its roots in Bhuta Shuddhi, the cleansing of these elements. If we succeed at this cleansing, he says, we can move towards Bhuta Siddhi, or mastery of the elements.

    Once you have mastery over the elements, you not only have mastery over the body and mind, but over the very creation. 

    There are certain yogic practices that entail purifying and mastering the five elements in the human system. With advanced sadhana, one can attain bhuta siddhi – complete mastery over the elements. Such practitioners can live well beyond the normal span of human life. This accounts for innumerable stories in the yogic lore of adepts who have lived for thousands of years.

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