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    [Isha Leadership Academy]

    Isha Leadership Academy has been established by Isha Foundation to offer the highest quality of leadership education in India, by integrating external skill sets with tools for well-being.

    It focuses on cultivating leadership as an innate and intuitive process – beyond strategies or techniques. Its guiding principle is the importance of first managing one’s own mind, body and energies, in order to manage external situations and people.

    Its aim is to create leaders whose human potential has found fullest expression, who are deeply rooted in their inner well-being and are able to operate from a sense of inclusiveness resulting in more incisive actions and decisions.

    The Academy has been conducting leadership forums focused on scaling up, leadership, talent management, innovation and growth with C-level attendees. It will also be offering a whole array of leadership education programs, ranging from a two year MBA or equivalent to shorter duration customized courses for those holding or aspiring to hold leadership roles in business, government, public service, civil society, politics and academia.

    Our leading programs:

    1. Isha INSIGHT : a four-day business leadership intensive that explores the science of scaling up one’s business as well as one’s own self

    2. Human Is Not a Resource: A three-day business conclave to rethink & re-imagine HR Our Impact so far: 1180+ C-level Attendees 40+ Industries 70+ Speakers & Resource Leaders 15+ Countries Represented

    ▵ Isha Insight (Isha)

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