Sadhguru Sannidhi

    [Sadhguru Sannidhi]

    Designed by Sadhguru, Sannidhi is a Guru Pada Yantra which creates a supportive energy situation and profoundly impacts one’s inner evolution.

    When maintained with a certain discipline, the Sannidhi can influence the internal and external wellbeing of all who come within its sphere, thus extending the spiritual possibility to those around us as well.

    The possibility of establishing such a space in one’s home is an extraordinary blessing from Sadhguru. It is an invaluable opportunity to always be in the Presence of the Master.

    “Sannidhi means presence. A Sannidhi establishes an energy presence that naturally takes you to the realm of devotion, where something far bigger than you becomes an experiential reality for you.”
    – Sadhguru

    Sannidhi care and maintenance

    ▵ Set up a dedicated space in your home or office for the Sannidhi.
    ▵ Do your daily practices regularly in the Sannidhi space.
    ▵ A commitment to follow the guidelines for maintaining the Sannidhi and to observe the necessary discipline in the Sannidhi space.

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    It is an overwhelming experience. It feels like the Sannidhi enhanced my awareness and even my family seems to be closer to yoga now. Sadhguru’s presence is tangible in my house. Although I am going through challenging times, I forget everything once I come into that space.– Chaithra K.R

    Sadhguru Sannidhi has transformed our lives in unimaginable ways. It simply removed friction from each and every front. I never knew life could be so smooth and immensely powerful by itself. Everyone who comes to our home simply blends into this energy space without showing any signs of reluctance. The entire house has become so calm, peaceful and serene.– Amit Singh

    The Sannidhi has brought liveliness to us and to our home. Just sitting in the Sannidhi room and closing my eyes is enough to create a deep sense of calm and a sweet emotion arises. My mind becomes clear and I am at ease with whatever situation I may be going through. I wish to thank everyone who made this possible for me and my family.– Poojitha Reddy M

    Ever since that day in 2017 when the first Sadhguru Sannidhi Pooja happened in my home, I have been witnessing a gradual transformation of each and every member of my family. New clarity and deep sense of exuberance has ignited within me. The whole house reverberates in a very different way. Sadhguru’s Grace has been indeed transforming our lives in unfathomable ways beyond my comprehension.– Avik Pal

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