Baggage-Free (Poem)

    There are doors of opportunities and possibilities
    And there are doors of deeper perceptions
    In opening doors of opportunity
    You shall access new ways to live
    In opening doors of perception
    You shall experience richness of creation
    Through opportunities you may gather
    riches of wealth, comfort and recognition
    Through perception unpeeled, you know
    the nature of creation and the source.

    Doors of opportunity shall make you
    toil for a pittance that is made to
    seem humungous due to the sufferings
    of lesser men. By the time you
    gather enough it is time for
    baggage-free journey of mortality.

    The doors of perception shall
    get you nothing, but leave you
    with a richness of your being that
    makes nothing worthy of accumulation.

    Baggage-free and ready for
    journey of Life and Death.

    – Sadhguru

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