2022 03 Mar 26 – 27 Prague

    The next stop on the Save Soil journey was Prague. At the Embassy of India in Prague, Sadhguru met with the Deputy of the Minister of Environment (Eva Volfová) and Deputy of the Minister of Agriculture (Radek Lanč), presenting them with a Global Policy Draft and Solutions Handbook to Save Soil, created in consultation with top scientists considering the latitude, climate, economic conditions, and traditional agricultural practices of the region.

    Then, Sadhguru took the stage with Czech mathematician Karel Janeček at Top Hotel Praha to discuss the Save Soil movement before an engaged audience. Sadhguru closed the two-hour public event by describing the movement as not only an ecological endeavor but also a tremendous opportunity for humanity to come together under a unifying common denominator, our soil.

    A lively crowd welcomed Sadhguru as he drove over the Charles Bridge. Then he addressed them, asking them to show that they are a generation that wants long-term wellbeing for themselves and future generations.

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