Yes – you have a Dream (Poem)

    Childhood full of Dreams
    of climbing a Tree or hill
    or of flying off to moon or mars

    Adolescence is lucid in its
    Dreams and pangs of groin
    and heart, of love & lust
    Driven by the body’s juices

    Adulthood is troubled with
    Dreams of success and fears of
    failure. Of money, wealth and
    possession that seem to enhance life.
    Dreams of children and their
    children, of their glories and
    achievements that could deliver
    you beyond where yours stopped.

    When shall you stop Dreaming
    and sink your roots into
    the creation and its Source.
    Or this life forever Dream it shall remain.
    Yes – you have a Dream

    In these Dreams being
    unfulfilled you shall feel
    like a fool but in fulfilment
    An Utter Fool

    – Sadhguru

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