Trigun – Chidambareshvara Stotram (Sounds of Isha)

    The play of existence is but the timeless alliance of creation, maintenance and destruction: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Their ceaseless mischief stages the dance of the cosmos.

    Of the three, the greatest is the destroyer. He is ‘that which is not’ – he is Shiva. Encompassing the other two within his nothingness, he is ultimate oblivion, the very basis of creation and the void of destruction. It is in his lap that creation begins, perpetuates and dissolves.

    Three forces. Three qualities. Three devas. A trio, seemingly separate on the surface, but go a little deeper, and you will find a seamless union. Bridge the gap between trinity and unity, and you will find Mahadeva. You will find three contained in one: Trigun.

    The first volume in the Isha Mantra series, Trigun is a collection of traditional Sanskrit chants in praise of Lord Shiva, rendered in Sounds of Isha’s own unique style.


    • Released – Mahashivarathri Feb 20th 2012

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