Alaap – Mero Mann | Surdas ke pad – Songs from Darshan Vol 2 (Sounds of Isha)

    In this Devotional Poem written in the 14th century, #Surdas describes how he finds true joy in his Guru, and nowhere else. Watch this space for more songs from #Alaap – Songs from Sadhguru #darshans.

    Lyrics and Meaning:

    Mero man anat kahan sukh pavai
    Where else can my mind find endless joy?

    Jaise udi jahaj ko panchhi, phir jahaz par avai
    Like a bird that soars away from a ship in the ocean, only to return

    Kamal-nain ko chhandi mahatam, aur dev ko dhyavai
    Like having seen his lotus eyes, one still goes looking elsewhere

    Param gang ko chhandi piyaso, duramati koop khanavai
    Like a thirsty man who ignores the mighty Ganga and digs a well for water like a fool!

    Jihin madhukar anbuj ras chakhyo, kyon karil phal khaavai
    Having tasted the sweet nectar of a lotus, why should a bee go for a bitter fruit?

    Surdas prabhu kamadhenu taji, chheri kaun duhavai
    Surdas says, when the holy Kamadhenu herself is available, why would one milk a goat?

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    Alaap – Songs from Darshan Vol 2 (Isha LIFE)

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