Alaap – Dhaar re Mann Dhaar – Songs from Darshan (Sounds of Isha)

    #Alaap is a series of songs that have been played during Darshans with #Sadhguru by #SoundsofIsha. This is the next song in that series.

    Dhaar re Mann Dhaar is a poem that a seeker writes, a plea to his mind, to allow his Guru to pervade his life.


    धार रे मन धार
    धार रे मन धार अपना सच्चा गुरु पे धार भई भई

    O’ Mind, please let the Guru pervade you.
    O’ Please, let the true Guru pervade you.

    गुरूजी आया पावना रे
    कई करां मनवार भई भई
    चौखा चावल लापसी रे
    चूरमा री बौहार रे

    Guru has come to visit me,
    What can I serve him?
    Rice, Sweet Porridge
    and crushed sweet bread
    is my offering to him!

    एरन ऊपर हीरा धरिया
    ऊपर धन री मार भई भई
    कच्चा था जो टूट गया
    रतन लागा हाथ रे

    Life beats you like
    A goldsmith beats diamonds,
    With his tools.
    The uncut diamonds endure it,
    While the ordinary stones break apart.

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    Alaap – Songs from Darshan (Isha LIFE)

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