Naiharwa – Kabir (Sounds of Isha)

    Kabir, in his mystical style of poetry, compares one’s longing for the ultimate to the painful yet sweet longing of a bride – a bride who no longer finds her parents’ home pleasing, who is not satisfied by all of its comforts, but now longs only for her beloved.

    He goes on to describe how his Sadhguru is the only one who can show him the way and how this thirst can be quenched only from within.

    Naiharwa, hum ka na bhaavai
    The comfort of my parents’ home is not enough for me anymore,

    Hum ka na bhaavai,
    It doesn’t please me.

    My parents’ home…

    Sai ki nagari param ati sundar, ati sundar
    The land of my beloved…a place so beautiful!

    Jaha koi jaavai na aavai
    The place that is beyond coming and going!

    Chand suraj jaha pavan na pani
    Where there is no moon, sun, air or water …

    Ko sandes pahunchavai
    Who will take my message there?

    Darad yaha sai ko sunaavai
    Who will relay my pain to the beloved?

    Bin sataguru aapano nahi koi
    I have no one other than Sadhguru

    Jo yaha raah batavai
    The only one who can show me the way!

    Keheta kabira suno bhai sadho
    Says Kabir, listen O seeker

    Sapane mein preetam aavai
    The beloved will come to you, like in a dream…

    Tapan yaha jiya ki bujhavai
    And quench the thirst of your burning heart!

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