Consecrated Devi Shawl (Angavastram)

    [Consecrated Devi Shawl]

    Traditionally, in South India, Angavastram is draped over the shoulders or can also be used to cover the torso. It is a comfortable rectangular cloth and can be paired with the dhoti, veshti or any comfortable attire. Isha Life’s consecrated vastram is woven of soft cotton and dyed in a fiery red colour of the Devi. The border features calligraphic words from the Devi Stuthi “Jai Bhairavi Devi, Namah Sri, Namah Sri, Devi Namah Sri” printed over it. It can be worn by both men and women.

    Bring Devi’s grace in your life through this consecrated cotton Devi Angavastram. You can wear it during special rituals, Devi worship and festivals.

    “One who earns the grace of Bhairavi neither has to live in concern or fear of life or death, of poverty, or of failure. All that a human being considers as wellbeing will be his if only he earns the grace of Bhairavi”  

    – Sadhguru

    Why Isha Life’s Devi Angavastram?

    ▵ Consecrated Angavastram 
    ▵ For men and women
    ▵ Made of soft cotton
    ▵ Features calligraphic Devi Stuthi words printed over it

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