Thank you – You are my perfect mirror (Sounds of Isha)

    How does one express their gratitude to the air that sustains or life? How do you thank the food that builds you? Whom do you thank for the vision bestowed upon you? Whom to thank for the breath that sustains you?
    And still, how not to thank? When the basis of your life is not all your conscious doing, how not to feel grateful? When you grow out of your ignorance to discover not something external -when you discover something more essential – something more fundamental – when you discover yourself, how not to thank that being that helped you with this?
    Not that it matters to them. But it matters to us that we thank Him – our Guru – the light of our path – the meaning to out lives.
    So, thank you
    Thank you for showing me what I am not
    For showing me what I could be…

    To Download –…sounds-of-isha/

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