Eppadithan En Ullam (Sounds of Isha)

    “Devotion is a dimension that will allow you to sail across even if you do not know the way.”– Sadhguru

    “Eppadi Thaan…” was written by OothukaduVenkataSubbaiyar, and looks at life from the perspective of a devotee (of Krishna, in this song).
    The song describes how once a person is devout, all they see is sweetness around them. The buzzing of bees becomes a song, Krishna’s mischief become endearing pranks, and his many heroics become awe-inspiring legends. Such is the sweetness of devotion that it transform’s the devotees experience of life in powerful ways.
    Devotion has been an important part of spiritual processes in India. Stories of Radhe Krishna, Mira Bhai, and the Nayanmaars have been told and retold for centuries, and many devotees are seen as no differentthan the Divine.

    Sadhguru say, “Devotion is not an act; it is not directed towards something or the other; the object of devotion is immaterial. It is just that with devotion, you have dissolved all the resistance in you so that the divine can transpire like breath. The divine is not an entity sitting up there; it is a living force in every moment of your life.”

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