Kahan Se Aaya – Kabir (Sounds of Isha)

    Here’s a live recording of “Kahan se aaya” that we played at Mahashivratri 2017. This Kabir song speaks about the need for introspection amidst the clamour of our daily lives. It further says that only in the presence of a “True Guru” will you find what you truly seek.


    Where do you come from,
    Where are you going?
    Seek the answer from your body.

    If you find a Sadhguru,
    He will tell you the difference,
    And the window within will open.

    Hindus and Muslims both deluded,
    Caught up in fighting.
    Yogis, jangamas, sheikhs and wanderers,
    Lost in greed.

    Outwardly, he appears to meditate,
    Within, his thoughts are in a rut.
    Saintly on the outside, filthy within,
    Mind tainted, he swallows a fish.

    Without perceiving, reading the Gita,
    The consciousness is not shaken.
    Going to villages, entertaining the world,
    Lost in the act of coming and going.

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