Human Is NOT A Resource

    [Human Is NOT A Resource]

    Human Is NOT A Resource is an offering from the Isha Leadership Academy,

    This program will deep-dive into how purpose, passion and culture are critical to build an organism that will thrive no matter what the environment. It offers a blueprint for organizations to not only lead this change, but also ready themselves for growth and resilience. This online edition of the “Human Is NOT A Resource” program has been envisioned and designed by business leaders with guidance from Sadhguru.

    “If we want the country to move forward, the focus of leadership has to shift from personal ambition to a larger vision.”

    – Sadhguru

    Do these questions look familiar to you as business leader?

    • How do I transform myself and my organization to be resilient?
    • How do I seamlessly transition from a supervision-led to a trust-led culture?
    • How do I equip my organization to look after the inner wellbeing of my employees?
    • How do I instill/sustain the company’s ‘purpose’ and ‘passion’ in my people, especially in these trying circumstances?

    Why should you attend this program?



    A distinct opportunity to discuss clear and comprehensive solutions for the most widely experienced people-related dilemmas.


    Direct access to 25+ Resource Leaders with extensive market experience across sectors.


    An avenue to assess business issues and people-related concerns as two sides of the same coin, bringing in a more holistic and sustainable market outlook for an entire ecosystem.


    7 days each of pre- and post-event engagement between Resource Leaders and participants to build robust connections.


    A cohesive and ingenious way of integrating various assessment approaches, tools, techniques, and examples to tackle problem-solving.


    I actually want to say that I did come with expectations and my expectations have been completely met. Not only was it great being in this environment and the inner transformation but it was great learning from everybody else here. There were some amazing conversations and mind boggling stories – things that we could not imagine possible.
    Jai Maroo, Director, Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd

    It was really a paradigm shift in terms of viewing both people and culture, a lot of very new ideas and new ways of looking at things. Very actionable things starting with myself and what we can do in our organization.
    Ritvik Lukose, Co-Founder & CEO, Vahura

    Anything that happens in Isha is of a different class and that cannot be replicated. I think the combination of the content plus the energy is what I’m taking back, so that I can execute something and make a difference.
    Ramya Raghavan, Director, 360 Degree Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd

    As soon as this program started, we had one of Sadhguru’s insights where he said, “Human is a possibility.” Suddenly I saw that the way we are looking at HR in my company, we never looked at people as a possibility. That was like a framework for me. It will not be an HR department anymore. I think it will be a “possibility department”.
    Philomena John, Director, Cotton Blossom India Pvt Limited

    I’m going back with volumes of material in my mind. I think this has been one of the most significant programs that I have attended in a long time.
    Narendra Kumar, Sr. AVP – HR, Cholamandalam Investments & Finance Co Ltd

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