2021 09 Sep 22 Interview with Economist Thierry Malleret

    Thierry Malleret, economist and co-founder of the Monthly Barometer, a predictive economic analysis for investors, interviewed Sadhguru in an online conversation for an upcoming book called The Great Narrative, featuring insights from 50 highly influential speakers. The conversation was wide-ranging. Thierry asked Sadhguru about the direction he felt the world was going in and how the tools of Yoga can be of use. In response, Sadhguru spoke about reengineering our ideas of success and wellbeing, and creating a joyful population. 

    He also highlighted the serious issues of ecology, the worsening conditions of our soil, and global warming, and offered solutions to these issues such as tree-based agriculture. Closing the interview, Sadhguru shared, “If all of us make an effort with the tools that we have, we can educate every human being on the planet. We can turn them around. This is the best time to do it.”

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