An accomplished spiritual seeker. Sadhus usually have no fixed abode and travel from one place to another, most often living on aims. There are countless sadhus on the roads, by ways, mountains, riverbanks and caves of India who by their very existence, have a profound effect on the consciousness of the world but many have become sadhus in order to escape from all the work that life involves and as a shelter for lethargy and escapism.

▵ A sadhu means a peaceful or mild one
A sadhu means a peaceful or mild one. If you develop a strong character of your own, you will miss the character of the Creator. So you want to lower your own character and become meek. It’s in this context that Jesus said, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” Because only if you are meek, only if you are small, you will know the Big. If you become big, you will miss it. You don’t want to grow your own characteristics and be away from the Creator. You want to keep your character as minimal as possible. It is a spiritual process. A sadhu is somebody who is working on himself so that he becomes receptive.

Sadhus, Saints and Seers – What’s the Difference? (Isha)

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