A created body. Adept yogis are known to have created and possessed physical bodies for themselves to fulfill certain special purposes.

    Consciously Recreating the Body
    You did not spurt up by yourself, but you can melt down by yourself. If you know how to melt down by yourself then you also know how to spurt up by yourself. One who learns how to dismantle this system systematically also learns how to put it back. If one leaves in a certain state of intensity or awareness, without knowing the mechanics of his existence, then he leaves for good. But one who leaves consciously, dismantling his own system, understanding the complex layers of rhythm which he is made of, if he wishes he can also put himself back.

    When a yogi attains to this state he is considered a nirmanakaya, one who is able to recreate his body. He does not come back through a mother’s womb as a child, he comes back just the way he is in the form that he chooses. Shiva went away and came back again and again. He dismantled himself and formed himself, sometimes in different ways. Sometimes when he wanted to meet his wife, he made himself beautiful. Sometimes he wanted to meet other kind of people, so he made himself fierce. He changed the color of his skin, he changed everything about himself, because from absence to presence he was dismantling and recreating himself.

    Rhythm of Nature, Rhythm of Stillness (Isha)

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