Conscious Planet Rally

[kon-shuhs plan-it ral-ee]

To activate and demonstrate the support of over 3 billion citizens, Sadhguru will be riding a motorcycle alone over 30,000 kilometers, across 24 nations.

The rally will start in London, and travel to southern India, where the Cauvery Calling project initiated by Sadhguru has enabled 125,000 farmers to plant 62 million trees to revive water and soil.

“Creating a Conscious Planet is possible only by raising human consciousness. It is important for all – particularly leaders whose decisions affect millions of lives – to be conscious and inclusive.”

– Sadhguru

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6 thoughts on “Conscious Planet Rally”

  1. Namaskaram! 🙏🙏🙏

    My name is Katarina from Serbia and I participate in the movement in various groups for my country, youth and this region.
    As I saw on Master’s rout that he will pass through Bulgaria and Romania, I am suggesting that it is very crucial to pass through Serbia as well.
    Bulgaria and Romania are border countries with Serbia and it would be very easy to pass the route through Serbia as well.
    Please let me know what is all necessary to prepare and do so it could happen.
    Whatever needed, I could do and organize just let me know on time so we make it possible together.
    Serbia’s soil use to feed the whole Europe with wheat and corn.
    It is very important peace of the region as the biggest part of the country soil use to be arable.
    I am waiting for your response as soon as possible.
    Please let me know the possibilities and tell me necessities of what should be done to make it happen!
    I wait your answer with joy!


  2. Hello & Namaskaram,

    My Name is Matthias. I am a Yoga sadhaka from Germany and my Girlfriend already does the Isha inner engineering- and shambhavi programm.

    Can you kindly inform about when and where Sadhguru will be in Germany during his Conscious-Planet-Tour? Maybe we can Support.

    Thanks a lot & kindest regards,

    1. Namaskaram,
      Following are latest scheduled dates for Sadhguru events in Europe.

      London 20/3
      Amsterdam 22/3
      Berlin 24/3
      Prague 26/3
      Vienna 28/3
      Ljubljana 29/3
      Rome 2/4
      Geneva 6/4
      Paris 9/4
      Brussels 11/4
      Cologne 13/4
      Vilnius 18/4
      Warsaw 25/4
      Bucharest 29/4
      Tel Aviv 2/5


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