Kal Kal (Sounds of Isha)

    Sadhguru has often said “Most of the time you are thinking about life, not living life”. How very true! We spend more time thinking about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. The hindi word “kal” refers to both tomorrow and yesterday – probably equating them as they are both non-existential, given that our experience of life is only the moment that we are in right now. However, the “kal” is where our mind seems to spend a considerable amount of time. If only we could ​be constantly aware that this moment is the only reality, we could live our life fully. It would be a celebration of being alive. This song very beautifully captures this sentiment playing with the hindi word “kal” to accentuate the plight of the mind caught between the fictitious kal’s. We could tell you more about the song, but you will have to wait till… tomorrow ;)!

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