Devi Abhaya Sutra

    [ Devi Abhaya Sutra]

    The Devi Abhaya Sutra is a specially consecrated cotton thread. When it is tied around the wrist, it can be supportive to remove one’s fear and fulfill ambitions. Women wear it on the left wrist, men on the right. It must be worn for a minimum of 40 days. It can be removed by untying or severing it by a flame. It can then be disposed of either by burying it in wet soil, or burning it and applying the ashes from the pit of one’s throat down to just below the sternum.

    Devi Abhaya Sutra allows devotees to carry Devi’s grace with them. When tied on one’s wrist, it is supportive in fulfilling one’s ambitions, removing fear and bad dreams. It can be worn by children or adults of any age. It stabilizes energies to bring about the harmonious growth of a child’s psychological framework.

    Abhaya Sutra can be worn by children or adults of any age. Ladies should wear it on the left wrist; Gents on the right wrist. It should be worn for a minimum of 48 days, or one mandala or physiological cycle in the human system. It will generally be effective for 3 to 4 months.

    It is best if contact with soap or chemicals is avoided. The sutra can be removed by untying or burning it. Do not cut it. Dispose of it by burying it under a tree. The soil should be kept wet for a few days. It can also be put in flowing water, such as a river, or a large water body, such as a lake or ocean. It may also be disposed of by tying it to a flowering tree.

    Devi Abhaya Sutra (Isha)

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