Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbha Griha)

    [sangk-tawruhm, –tohr-]

    Lit. the holy of holies. Innermost part of Temple.

    ▵ The Sanctum Sanctorum
    As one enters the dome, the eye is immediately drawn to the immense presence that is the Dhyanalinga. Standing at the heart of the space – the sannidhi or sanctum sanctorum – Dhyanalinga measures 13 feet 9 inches in height and is the largest mercury-based live linga in the world. Dhyanalinga is crafted from a single black granite stone of the highest density found in Asia. Sadhguru, while speaking about past attempts to consecrate a Dhyanalinga, recounts: “One more Dhyanalinga in Bhojpur, near Bhopal, almost reached the phase of completion. However, it cracked during consecration due to a delay in the locking of energies.” To prevent such an episode from occurring here, Sadhguru with a single resounding clap in a state of heightened energy created a minute vertical crack running along the linga.

    Dhyanalinga rises out of the avudaiyar, a receptacle in the shape of a seven-coiled serpent. The avudaiyar has been designed such that the total length of the avudaiyar is 13 feet 9 inches, the same as the height of the Linga. Water constantly drips on to the Dhyanalinga from the gold-plated copper dome hanging directly overhead. This ensures that the Dhyanalinga is always wet which enables the meditator to easily receive the energies emanating from it. The steady drip of water as it falls on the linga resonates through the dome and gently draws one into a deep state of meditativeness. Surrounding the linga is the jalaseema, a lotus adorned water body that has a cooling effect and gives the impression that Dhyanalinga is floating on water.

    ▵ The Sanctum Sanctorum (Isha)

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