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    [Nirbhay Nirgun]

    Learn this popular song by Kabir, the mystic poet and saint of the 15th century.

    4 Live Webinars

    “Indian classical music comes from a deep understanding of the human system. It activates the human energy system and leads to a higher level of consciousness.”


    Fearless & Beyond

    Kabir was a famous 15th century saint, poet, and mystic. His writings suggested that truth was within anyone who considered all things living and non-living as divine. Kabir’s followers saw his poems and songs as a way to spiritual awakening. With his flair for unraveling profound concepts in simple verses in the common Indian language of Hindi (Braj and Awadhi dialects), his ideas became accessible to everyone, no matter their background.In Nirbhay Nirgun, Kabir describes the journey of a spiritual seeker, pointing out that getting over fear is the first step towards seeking the ultimate. “Nirbhay Nirgun Gun Re Gaunga,” he says, which means, “I will fearlessly sing the attributes of the one without attributes.”

    Program Highlights

    • Learn the song with the correct pronunciation.
    • Basic vocal exercises.
    • Introduction to the concept of shruti
    • Sadhguru’s talks on Kabir and the poet’s spiritual journey


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