How to Empower Women
    All physical manifestations can only happen between polarities – positive–negative, masculine-feminine, Shiva–Shakti, man–woman. The moment we create a divide between the polarities, judgments about perceived superiority and inferiority between the two arise. Out of these judgments, many layers of confusion, ugliness, and exploitation have occurred. Male and female are just manifestations of either the masculine or the feminine being present in an enhanced way. The fact that you are sitting here as a woman does not mean that your father does not exist within you, and the same applies to men and their mothers, of course. If you recognize this truth and nurture both the masculine and the feminine within you so that they are on an even keel, you will be a balanced human being. If you only nurture the masculine, the crassness of machismo will find expression. If you only nurture the feminine, an excessive sense of decorativeness and emotion will find expression.In many ways, a woman is like the flower of human species.

    In many ways, a woman is like the flower of human species. Without the root, there is no plant, but without the flower, there is no fulfillment in life. We need to create a society where the feminine aspects of life – music, art, aesthetics – are as important as economics, science, and technology. In this day and age, women are desperately trying to be like men, because being like a man defines one’s success. If we want our lives to be beautiful, the feminine has to find its rightful place in society. We must understand that the useful and the beautiful are equally essential. If we think only in terms of what is useful and what is not, we have to get rid of all the flowers and grow only vegetables. If there is no aesthetic and beauty to our life, life will be useless.

    How to Empower Women (Isha)

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