Mr. Ravi Singh – Rally for Rivers Board Member

    [Mr. Ravi Singh]

    Secretary-General & CEO of World Wide Fund for Nature – India

    Board member of Rally for Rivers. Isha Outreach has appointed an eminent Rally for Rivers board (constituted on November 8, 2017) to oversee the Cauvery Calling project.

    As the head of WWF-India, the country’s largest conservation organization, Ravi Singh has an abiding commitment towards the conservation of nature. His conservation work covers biodiversity at the national scale, with a focus on reducing the human footprint.

    Some of the priority areas of his work involve providing strategic direction to the conservation work of WWF-India and to add qualitatively to the WWF’s contribution to conservation. Another important focal point of his work includes engagement with local communities and business corporations to include their involvement and commitment to the cause of conservation.

    Mr. Singh has participated in several national fora including the Standing Committee of the Indian Board of Wildlife. He was a member of the Board of Directors of IIFM, and is on the Wildlife Boards of various states in India. He was a member of WWF International’s Executive Committee as well as the Vice-President of the Himalayan Club, and one of the founder members of the Eco-Tourism Society of India.

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