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    [seyv thuh weev]

    Koppal cotton saris otherwise known as Bhagayanagar saris are one of the traditional saris of Karnataka. Bhagayanagar is a part of Koppal town which was relocated during the construction of the Tungabhadra Dam.

    After losing their agricultural lands, the farmers turned to weaving. The sari comes as either plain or in checks which are extremely popular amongst ladies in the country. Quality is the highest parameter of these saris and is the main reason for their popularity.

    Koppal is a low-count cotton sari that uses natural dyes such as turmeric, indigo and pomegranate. Over 700 people are employed in the industry directly and 500 indirectly, with 980 looms in the region of Bhagayanagar.

    When human hands and heart work in tandem, that is grace in the making. Handwoven cloth has beauty and grace that is significant.
    – Sadhguru

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