Guntur Cotton – Weaves of Andhra Pradesh

    [seyv thuh weev]

    Andhra Pradesh is home to a variety of exquisite weaves in both cotton and silk. Here, lies the quaint city of Guntur that is famous for the popular Mangalagiri and Guntur variety of saris. Guntur is home to a lot of industries, businesses, agricultures, handicrafts and is known for the export of cotton and chilies.

    The exquisite pattern and fine cotton of the Guntur sari is what makes it special and unique.

    The weavers here are known for their dexterous craftsmanship in creating simple yet stunning patterns through their method of weaving and dyeing. The fabrics woven by the craftsmen of Guntur not only bring name and fame to the place, they are also a major source of income for the people. Guntur cotton saris are famous for their tightly mended drapes, that have folds of around 60-80 counts. These saris are a staple in the coastal regions, so they are kept simple and sober in accordance to the needs of the women who wear them.

    The cotton saris of Guntur are mostly of a single color with a narrow border. The pallu is also less intricate with sparse butis and simple stripes. Heavier weaves add on to the charm and grace of the sari. This involves a distinctive and intricate Ikat style of weaving containing checks and stripes. The stiff weaves of Guntur are given a cross-shed beating and the borders are well-knitted to give a flawless edge to the garment. In fact the Guntur sari is so sturdy in its weave pattern that it can hold water collected in it for a considerable amount of time before it finally seeps through. In spite of its inherent thickness, the cotton sari is comfortable enough for daily wear. It is easy to wash and maintain and is surprisingly soft on the skin.

    The borders, checks and stripes within the body of the sari are subtly highlighted with a golden thread. This uplifts the overall look of the sari and at the same time retains its innate simplicity. This sturdy garment is the outfit of choice for women in Guntur and various other towns across Andhra Pradesh, particularly in the coastal regions.

    The Guntur sari is a favorite for small religious ceremonies as it is delicately festive in its look and is available in a variety of bold colors, the most popular being wine maroon, blood red, ink black and rani pink. Due to these dark hues, the colors do bleed, so care must be taken during washing.

    When human hands and heart work in tandem, that is grace in the making. Handwoven cloth has beauty and grace that is significant.
    – Sadhguru

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