A householder, The second of the four stages of life as per the Varnashrama classification of the stages of life.

    ▵ Grihastas, Raccoons and Higher Possibilities
    Amavasya’ means the new moon day. For those generally considered ‘Grihastas’, the ‘Pournami’ or the full moon is considered more suitable if at all they want to do something spiritual. A ‘Grihasta’ literally means householder, one who is holding on to his house. The house was supposed to hold us, but now we are holding on to the house. The idea of a house came up only as a physical shelter, but now it is no more just a physical shelter, it is more of a psychological shelter. Every device we create for our wellbeing, we have a specialty of turning it into a tomb for ourselves. A house is wonderful device to organize a few things so we can focus on what we want to do with our lives, but that is not how it turned out for most people. The organization of the home completely ate people up to such an extent they became house-holders, holding on the house.

    So for the householders, generally, the full moon is considered more suitable to do anything spiritual because it is gentle on them. And generally, what is gentle is also slow.

    Grihastas, Raccoons and Higher Possibilities (Isha)

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