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    [kon-shuhs plan-it]

    The Social Media Toolkits are designed to enable you in becoming a Conscious Planet Ambassador.
    The toolkits will guide you on how to become a content and community creator. You will also learn how to engage your social media network and help make the Conscious Planet Movement viral.

    These tools will allow us to join hands and come together to #SaveSoil.


    Module 1: Creating Your Profile

    Module 2: Setting Up Your Profile

    Module 3: Start Connecting

    Module 4: Posting Your Content (Part 1)


    Module 1: Posting your content (part 2)

    Module 2: Creating reels

    Module 3: Engaging with your audience


    Module 1: Exploring Advance features

    Module 2: Building your community

    Module 3: Tip,Tricks, and Best Practices

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