Andhra Pradesh – Rally for Rivers

    [ral-ee fawr riv-er]

    In October 2009, the state moved from drought to flood as the Krishna recorded its highest flood levels in a century, marooning 350 villages and leaving millions homeless.

    Volunteer for Rally for Rivers

    Youth of India, if you can rise above ‘what about me,’ we can make our Rivers flow. Let’s make it happen.

    – Sadhguru

    The rivers of this country have nourished us for thousands of years. Now the time has come when we have to embrace our rivers and nourish them back to life.

    Sadhguru has opened up this possibility for all those who would like to become a part of Rally for Rivers, that they can join as full-time volunteers for the next 3 years and be a part of this movement to revitalize our rivers.

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    Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries about Rally For Rivers.

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