Shiva Yogi

    [Shiva Yogi]

    A name borne by Sadhguru in one of his previous lifetimes.

    For one to flower spiritually, the lap of grace is most important. If you have to grow without grace, you have to be literally inhuman to yourself. People who chose very hard ways of doing things, they have chosen that way because they are orphaned seekers – they are trying to grow without the lap of grace.

    I know the pain of this better than anyone. After two lifetimes of very intense, truly heartbreaking sadhana, the body anyway breaks. For some people, their hearts break before their bodies break. But there are some others who will not let their hearts break because they have made themselves like stones. So body breaks first, but slowly, the heart also begins to break.

    These two lifetimes, I was referred to by people as Shivayogi. I explored various possibilities and dimensions, went to any number of places, did absolutely intense sadhana, experienced various states of samadhi, and acquired various capabilities. But still, the real thing had not happened. So, I explored various occult sciences just to track down somebody who could push me across the final step. Because of a certain understanding and mastery over the system, knowing the process of creation within me on many levels, I decided to leave my body and do the search without the body.

    It was at such a point that my Guru entered my life. He touched me with his stick. And everything that needs to be realized was realized. I was at the very peak of anything can be.

    My Master

    What can the poor Guru do? All I have done is do and do After seeing all that is there to see He comes to teach me how to Be. 

    – Sadhguru

    My physical proximity with my Guru was just for a few minutes. And it was in these few moments that this fabulous, crafty man enslaved me for his project. Somehow he identified Shivayogi as a person suitable for establishing the Dhyanalinga, and entrusted this work to him – not in speech or in words, but he communicated the immense technology needed to consecrate the Dhyanalinga. If not for that project which he wanted to be fulfilled through me, my physical presence here would be out of question. Shivayogi attempted to establish the Dhyanalinga, but wasn’t able to fulfill his Guru’s vision because of limited resources and lack of support. To continue this work, he came back as Sadhguru Sri Brahma.

    ▵ Shivayogi (Isha)

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